Friday 24 November 2023

"small things"

 ....she said

over a decade ago.

I never use another's words without living in them for years....

( and credittin.. even a cretin) 

Drownin' in them



But there is one ...test

The perfect "small things "

( like asif 'twere an 'omeric day with Groundhogs  unable to think, they're in a real life luvstory)

gettin' from here a year gone


but mixin' the small things and the simple things

into a moment...

'fi die today, just remember that one day

Because i know 'pleasure' in small things mixed wirh the greatest things:

May, a day.. i went to best leave-me-alone car park spot no one uses  ...aside a public space

no one uses

what a waste

many heretoo

church halls, once 'community centres' 

rotting 'community centre' signage strewn around

( figuratively finger poiting the way to Cormac's The Road.... but with many diversions,still gets you to the sane place... that ain't too nice)

car park, may, there isno greater pleasure than cleaning

The passenger side footwell,

and window

and plastic mouldings

and scraping and scrubbing

the winter mould off the seat

just in case, against all odds, it becane her sear. .

The next chapter in a timeless ( in these silly times) story, is almost irrelevent, if one makes sure one enjoyed to the max that day cleaning

And now once more. Today.. 

small and simple things merge.

There needs to be a slightly different way if describing one day i may have the time and warmth to think.

" small things" is too  self pitying neurotic...


I am world genius at simplifying, but one wants to live, too ..

But tgere isa place where both come together and kairos fizzes from the nett result.

I am never off duty. Especially at dawn today... even her i saw lastereve a missive in. Nope.... wait until it is my time .. 

Furthermore... ( to Becont)

Except of course as kindof figured a decade back ( trigger warnin' !)

'power' is a word i dislike and anyway it has been coopted by every awful useless speaker on this that and nothing for years now

I know only one real power, sense of it... and that is a curious power arising, or 'energy' if one must,  from being entirely ignored even when some fairly goodish words have been sent over to theother side...


small things done, check

simple regime reset for the winter, check

I wouldn't swap this morning for a manor house in rhe only human place i have been for several decades, Bolivia

And every word is on file... that alone is a treasure chest. 

But this is far more valuable


dont assume!

only one oerson ever had two notebooks.... cos she said she wished  to encounter a poet 

but there is also ( past life) .... 
the truly quay matter ..its no good to rant "uk should be in theHague  ahead of the bbqers in the queue  " 
you have to be able to twist it a little into graceful jokeiness     
and i never quite had that skill but reading out on the bbc the words if someone who did metaphor allegory.... 
just piping down, breathing  and knowing some graceful passages to use in war...
thats what books are for 

ready for....

all a big weird  splurge for no particular reason any casual viewer may understand. 

and then soon back to ... hedge stuff

fair few video clips i loaded the last few months,  but... lost mojo to  ... turn them to 'pimublic' .. yet.