Sunday 19 November 2023

" morality!!!... uhhhh dont use that word"

 the only phrase, almost cried down the bellophone... i really dont understand

( oh yes i dont lie, 20 years abed almost always by 9pm and no need to turn off my phone as never use it at night....  except one too short phase...of the " mammouths"... half the night.... actions speak louder than 5 hrs of words, no one else got me to change my fundamentalist fanatical habit of nighttime is for always being asleep)

It.... is almost all summed up in as follows. One could never say as I would, only country in Europe i cannot stand is..... 

but people.. the suposed 'fair play' loving English middle class ( tho this applies in the main to the uppers)  knew enough about this place its horrific heroine epidemics and then all sorts of otger dinosaur behaviours, the land that gave us the word 'dillettante'

People ...English ones that is supposedly modern humanist wouldnt even listen 

" the place is so rotten...i know from the truly sexist pig one who invaded my family whos wedding was" my wedding" ..sat in 80s London, where almost everyone else may use the word "our" but far moreso from going there a fair bit for work and every Eurooean pilot in Europe knows one thing, ( in a very honourable aspect of the pilots life, trusting the radio peeps) simply never ever ever believe a word from Italian Air Traffic control ( v high mountains close to Linate airport so itstruly dangerous). they are murderous inhuman idea what side they are on, not on the side of life thats for sure

( i got sick ofstupid English women, men caught up about 5 yrs ago)  banning any reasonably fair assrssment based on fact " you cannot generalise"

now any laywoman could watch this and figure ( well if they were told the obvious so mammas boy laziness of the authorities over years does not occur elsewhere)  their killer instinct is beyond belief... total disregard for many decade understood  MORAL  behaviour that keeps people alive...

maybe immoral just means not keeping up with simple modern careful behaviours designed to protect the human... 

but there can hardly be a more obvious example of immorality = many died unnecessarily ( the bit about not knowing in the tower about the lights is impossible to comprehend if one knows the system) 

put this in your antigeneralisation pipe and smoke it along with your drugs still wasting your time on when grown ups grew out of them age about 21

Thing is the weird ( massochism trumps fair play any day) Brits... they know the place is rotten  but still harp on... about it as some oaradise 

i never had any interest in weird brits, ever... though i am interested in a so fake modern rewriting of history.... cute

I am only ibterested in how such an utterly spiritual  lost cause ... then

Can come up with one of only a few simply new enlightenment astinishingly wise cultural masterpieces


" blahh blahh blahhh"


but google is so stupid it cannot deal with exact title of clip  " la grande bellezza ending scene ( english subtitles) " in google owned blogger dotcom 

you think ai will work you are mad

" and i don't deal with what lies beyond" ... so says the greatest mind of Europe  for some time

" let the novel begin" 

especially as one of these  junky ( celeb obsessed) weirdos got his needle jabbed  into my one love,i sort of discovered a year ago

its needed....

one day

i gotta live first