Sunday 19 November 2023

profound art

 like her Tightrope.... i need find one to put around my neck its all so dull

does not tell you what to tjink and having found it again, it is simply ultra genius... all that imagery not really telling me what to tjink but still you know the nett effect is the best possible way.

When the actual UK that existed ( if i hear one more commentator with this exact opposite of the truth" the british you know deep down believe in fair play" ... try telling that to the 1 ..2...3 million alive,... ( all obviously injusticed folk of all obvious fairplaying) 4 or 5 more like if add in parents of kids tortured in modern children homes over decades never mind the brutalised in a whole range of state subsidised arenas...... like the mothers injusticed by fascist gravy train state...  and their friends send them to Coventry [ that means cross to the orher side if road or fakebook ghost] as they cannot face something that isnt 'fair'  that happened to their ex friend

in their fucked up little atomised  consumer Telettubbie mindset... i shall tightrope...)

the subtleness of the soulful....with a brain

who didnt need to say that much. and we knew exactly what he meant.