Monday 27 November 2023


 ...use a big word when an 'every day' one will do.

Is a kind of tyranny, but within is a whole world.

Of class or  confusion or 


in this world.

Of course they want to imagine "other worlds" before they actually do the hard dull work of sorting this one out.

Ahh yes... but my "right brain" needs nourishing and to be let free to express  ....


ehhh what exactly.

I haven't encountered any good creativity since....

that load of pants became trendy.

But what they really do is intertwine the 'right brain' with a brain that ...

Well it seems so desperate for pity 

" we never learn anything from pity tales"

Both 'sides' of every brain i have met for years dont seem to ne able to comprehend that one.. 

And my my they spit behind your lash-whipped back as you ramble on ... via a dip in the salt water so as to make sore the welts heal even faster. 

Now....i get .... her. The fake

And her "other worlds".  So so quotidien.

To live in this one, grapple wit what it really is .. This one is  so much more fascinating than any world she may run away to..