Monday 27 November 2023

smiley emojii

 ( they never 'listen', and certainly never 'read'; the "ascetic" does not whip his own back "martyr"-like.. itoo ... am far too ok with myself to be any "martyr" ... but if i write " i strip out almost all apps and all bimbo stuff like emojiis from my phone" i ain't lying.. because "ascetic" simplicity is for a REASON don't yer know... 

And first things first: checking oneself,  often, for 13 years, for hypocricies, lies - black, or those white aryan ones that think they are so superior.

And though i spent all winterlast checking her weather, Because 'my' weather 400 km away .... 

And realising that if you actually do respect someone, yes... well if like me one is rather  actually in tune with nature and  aware of how it is mixed in with mind body soul Be-ing. . ...

Is existence...

Well, you are curious as to also what's her's....

I never checked anyone else's weather....

Actually thats a blackie in that two years ago as The Sprout so bizarrely engaged... i would look hers up, mainly because she couldnt actually say anything - my one ' great white  hope'

i lose track if thats a cancelled phrase ( from Oggle: Something or someone that is expected to succeed. For example, Mark is the great white hope of the international division. This expression dates from the early 1900s, when heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, who was black, seemed invincible and the term was used for any white opponent who might defeat him.) 

And then... the GWH...

turns out she became a chemical saleswoman and then blingstress.... .. 

lucky escape!

Proving these little inconsistencies aren't entirely psychogeographically linked to only on sceptic [ shopping] aisle

where was i cos i have to stay focused on just my pile of notepads!

whhoop whoop..

( he... the Cretien i  riffed recently " they never ask if you are ok in minus 10..  only minus 2 .."

 a pure post 2020 " oh we are all so caring and rainbowcaring" proof... no one can even handle actual reality,  in that at minus 2 a jolly word in the ear no matter which brainside ... will likely be straightfowardly not requiring DOing anything ... but minus 10 maybe i may actually need to go and dwliver the bugger a thermos of soup to keep him alive..")

And that applies to half a dozen Crets ofthat past region, too..

But... indeed there is a glorious Bobsong in this  in and of itself 

( " i can't even touch the books you...[ far too bitter for me  that line, i aint like that, would   love her "touched" books no matter what- its all just ... yesyerday... rumpus ... footstampy whatever...part ofevilution]")

but talk about winning the "war" ... 

even if two true 

warriors  are at 


And there never was any battle

FIFTEEN degrees temperature diference ...( -3 mist,  very often goes to minus 10 just like that as it did much of last December) 

good decision..... no matter what!