Tuesday 7 November 2023


Now...i earlier waffle mention has been made of the rusty neglected |WASTED bicycles owned by every 'earth mother ' and father and 'green' and goody goody Fakebook green queen i have ever known....

And i have so many images all the Tates could be wallpapered with them in a great big collage of art ... and i would still have enough to ... do something actually artisic with them....maybe one day. That was then the plan...kindof.

But a hundred times more close to my heart are the various wood sawing frames.... 
And here is the last.
Though iy will take me many days to sort through so many ziggabytes....

(of pictured piles of the worst waste of wood ever i tried to be arty with as the  - in this case always 'masculine' angry disdain for resources - almost as if deliberate... was quite clear  - from 2016)

All i know is actions are all that matters or even inactions - as if a year ago putting my efforts into ....someone... rather than as always in the past making sure THREE separate backups all reasonably logically sorted...  as you never know wat will befall some backup device, was my religion.

Giving away that lifetime habit to a greater purpose that rather filled me up, even if world record failure, is an action. 

just because i saw a woman at one of these in a little film. 

A scene i had looked out for forlornly for decades and never  even glimpsed...poor me what a trauma... in fact it was! Every fake woman comes to live in the countryside for decades always had some lame excuse for not doing at least some of her share of the wood....   reality.

(photo series soon of Israel soldiers... women ones... just as capable of, in fact apparently just as feminine-murderously-keen as the blokes to go and mow down some  defenceless ragheads to get it back up to 15:1 as its been on average the last 40 years my whole dull adult life )

Was that little film of hers  'art' or was she real..?