Wednesday 8 November 2023

" has anyone hit you?"

 " yes once"

"and how did you react?"

" i felt pity for him"

if only.... rather more thought like that, and tried to say things that actually may CHANGE ...things

The Unsayable regarding male ( on female) violence - how to reduce.

first draft.

Of course other lineages...  ( peoples) -  best word for all this mad awful identity nonsense, have diferent cultural traditions ... century long  habits in respect of violence ( towards their oponents) .. I am quite sure many of the machete men of Rwanda had large extended families of infants they lived among.... 

But within the West especially uk where lopping off bits of ones oponents ( domestically) isnt quite as widespread bwhavious,  i know the above applies

And 20 or more years i am bored to dearh NO one ever saying anything useful... about this issue that subtly dominates ever conversation and many interactions.

And only one ever saying anything mature - the correct response: " i felt pity for him"

But i have a part 2 if i remember.

And a recording.

6 years ago one of the many  truly mental cabbages among the bohemian decadent cool guys who munch drugs and nowadays call ' psychadelics' mother natures medicine when mushrooms over time make you just as wonky as  the large amount of alcohol we now hear British women guzzle ( only second to the Danes) ...

i offered a night to him and his girlfriend after a local pub they worked in live-in, kicked them out and i saw them wandering the lanes... to me the honourable giving the traveller a roof tjing is a religion...... and over the course of the afternoon gradually i discoveted he was completely frazzled to drugs while just like in the SW all cool guy knowing about the 'medicine' ..

big toughguy probably munching steroids as well on the qt

later on he went beserk when for the 10th time he was nicely told nope you cant go magic mushroom harvesting as local farmers keep vigil ( Titley region of Herefordshire foothills of my good hillwalks, being famous for that crop)

he snaps and full on extreme violence and threats  to kill ensue ( about 7 years combined porridge)... i did not respond. i did gave to hide away for 2 weeks as he promised to return and carry out death threats ...

And i was utterly 'traumatised' very deeply...

but guess what.... the most incredible silver lining came to pass within only a few weeks which would have been impossible had it not been the fact i hid away fearful for my life barricaded in half the time

i think its in earlier audio i forget its so forgettable

which is the other way to 'deal' with such tragic dangerous madnesses in fellow humans.... one could alnost call it real 'bodily' justice....

and every word was recorded as i knew i was in grave danger, and.....

to be cont

( .... and i could have made big bucks putting out the covert recording.... audio left on as it gradually became ibvious mad psycho in the house - if it goes bad need descendent to know tge truth....its bloodcurdling! .....but no, thats inauthentic. even if i starve to death there is an authentic way if attempting to communicate on these issues... and i wont even do ckickbait.... 100% pure)