Sunday 12 November 2023

real art

now... there is ALWAYS A 'price' ...seemingly of any non 'say what you mean mean what you say'  female of the species....even last November a few things i had to tidy up....wages for HARD WORK DONE...nope..

And 1000 times being told by the lady of the spiritual con operation how she was not a con (" i dont care who's fault it was YESTERDAY...its about peace in your  house tomorrow, for your lad..if you can just LISTEN to the standard things people like you have had to say to debt collectors for 500 years sweetpea..not your version...i am citizens advice expert... my version EVERY other person has used for centuries.... ..cos it works ")

I havent bought any art for 30 or more years. Meeting this in the last place ever i expected to see art ..  i spent hours in front of her... hours my heart racing, my feelings all a whirl....

I became addicted to her... such that a year ago spent £20 quid on this one print... i didnt have as spiritual lady of course never paid even out of pocket expenses PROMISED... three times... (into my recorder as the explosions these spiritualites explode with are dangerous and of course in UK false allegation centre of universe - just a must be careful)

and then... the waste of time and energy (long story i dont usually 'blame' others) i never was able to get back to collect it...

But bingo! even if insta wont let one make a copy ??

i found her again!