Sunday 12 November 2023

'soulful' and ... positive :-) and SIMPLICITY

 Now, around the time of around 15 years ago, certainly by ten

Almost every single 'green' I-go-to-FESTIVALS ... 'aware'  (bodily obsessed) fair maiden  all wishing to recreate themselves as if their maidenheads were intact and they had never been ordinary people, started to say to EVERYTHING " you cannot generalise"  and all this 'bad energy' utter bad energy crap.

They are so easy to nuke it is pitiful, and of course   the selling of fake pity they think they are expert of..... someone, generally, saw through it all years ago

" you should have had the vote 200 years ago but when they were deciding to allow it 100 years ago some of them said ' generally speaking if we allow them the vote they wont vote for nutjobs and monster raving loony parties'.... "  real life works on generalisations. 

Generally speaking - like in the great sky faerie book, the generally self pitying death cultists some call Christians, have sworn by a few thousand years, even if it was only written maybe 500 ago, it says stuff like being a constructive critic is a splendid thing.

In fact constructive criticism is what civilisation is based on and furthermore if one gets the time right is a lovely ENERGISING thing causing warmth and smiles.

Not according to the new age mermaid fairies of course whom one and all DEMAND their brand of 'positivity' works....

When it does the exact opposite. Especially to fine philosophical thought.  Is nothing more than a tyranny to make one seem better than the other.  And is sadly ignorant.

Anyway good for me for knowing (and living) that one.... a year ago the most gorgeous ever example of the so called spiritual Queen so queen she has a great big festival of healer queens, that develops a problem ... as she said to me a year ago " my my i had NO idea how death-threat rude and nasty these 'spiritual' women [ saleswomen] when it ends up they lose a few hundred quid in advance pitch fees....  "

It was worth living through a decade of dull rote thinking and even more rote 'spiritual' 'healing' charlatan bullshit that ovewhelmed my past region, to hear that from previously fanatic " i am so so loving and spiritual" Dot ( who can be named as it was all so so so public and anyway i am the ONLY person who week on end went to attempt to help deal with the reputational stress ...which also affected her child. All her 20 year curated in such divine love and connectedness ...pixies and mermaids wouldnt talk to her any more, except to be unfairly very very (not a word i use often, narcissistically insane, about  the money they lost due to an act of god... obviously Dots fault but we don't say that anyway its just business, but we - me....did say and show ALL the paperwork " look at all these statements and accounts i have put online for you publicly....nothing to hide....NO CASH LEFT...obviously..." extraordinary how the divinely femininely aware crowd cannot 'LISTEN',  to polite explanations at great length, even with jolly good substantiating paper trails as to the obvious flat brokeness of an ordinary girl from london tries to   sret herself up as some mystical superwoman when shes just an ordinary girl from a city and... got older..

A matter which is covered in great length in plenty of great songs such as Bobsongs I am sure Joni ones too... " you better beware doll.." its not rude its friendly lovin' advice....constructive criticism for the lady in the song's OWN SAKE

and in fact if we 'love' someone ...a real person challenges them to be maybe a better version of themselves...or tear up the old self if it was no good...for them...i tore up an 18 year vocation/existence i was TOP of the tree at and 99.99% of humanity would die to do for the dayjob... ope, no good, best thing i ever did...and you DONT go back

Which is a no good as i cannot write anything well as no one ever even says "wanna use my porch and a socket" in this curious country... hasnt for years. 

Myself all i know is that i am only upbeat, positively energised  - even when the swivelleyed loons give me that look with their 30ish year old over made up, bimbo appearance obsessed face (secure people dont give a fig as we knew 4 decdes ago)  about " you cannot say that its bad energy" 

wrong, exact opposite, it is good energy to wistfully with jokes and stories woven in lament at a fair few things in a  mess....ESPECIALLY rote thinking....  and maybe even ideas and collaborations may arise.... (one jests as no one ever follows any great words shared havent for years)

 Anyway all i wish to do ...(even if the image of the 10 year old from 2020, i must get out of my head reality, as depressing as a kid wheeled off to a hospital a bit of them blown off.... as M******'s faith in human kind was blown off that autumn.. just as seriously for her)

Is spread good energy, a silver lining in literally everything ( in fact the only thing i cannot find one is in the snub of 6 June this year....or maybe... well its all very well to say 'i dont do causes any more' but it does take time to slowly find a new identity, a new real sustained internal zenny different mode and balance.... i sort of have..... so, ok maybe that was it)

All i wish to ever appear to be is soulful good energy (i know i am and do own even if you cannot buy it from the millions of fake gurus )

And positive.

I am the worlds dumbest optimist i know enough ad saw through humanity such that i was right, age about 15... born serious.... if i wasnt optimist i would have done myself in 40 or more years ago

But life perhaps above all is one or two key things: learning that change is tremendously hard and always has unintended consequences ... takes a LONG time... often fails. So call for it in a jovial way (and no green or mindfulness saleswoman seems to understand the key tenet of sales: EARNEST DOES NOT WORK...  

pious infantile earnest preaching fails...especially in UK. And wont change anything...

So revving up to a truly pointed polemic on the simple life it cannot be earnest i knew that years ago....

its got to have some saucy bits even....

thats how you 'reach' people....

silly, fool, optimist and good energy sparkling, me

maybe one day i shall share that actual truth but i do know one thing as i listen to many 'commentators' and seemingly wiser speakers over the years...   but each one (Douglas Murray the latest example) suddenly will have some 'reactionary'  behaviour which suddenly makes me think " ang on.... this person i never really knew their stance and opinions were true.... " and thats bad...

weaving in enough true life stories maybe is a technique (i quite enjoy - nothing to lose and anyway TOTAL openness into attempted total authenticity is superb for mental health) that at least may assure people i never ever say anything i have not LONG mergolated upon... and the lived story element may assure the consumer that i live by my opinions in fact swear on the life of the only person i will care for no matter what every word is true

the privelage of the authentic person, to at least be able tp sleep well knowing one shares years mused upon tnought that also has been tested in life...i cannot sya anything for 'effect' or pondering it may make me seem somehow good or other than o gave been...for a long time. so put that in your ubiquitous sad little drug pipe abd smoke it

(whilst doing he man outdoor jobs any woman could do just as well but they wouldnt from years ago .. thats sad...for its superb for creative philosophical on reactionary, thought)

as is dealing with 'nature' ... keeping ones firewood sorted at different stages of drying and sun drying blah blah...

NO MATTER what melodrama is going on in other silly people's melodramatic drama queen lives.... (which means they never LIVED.. the rural life...i have, i am different, but chose that as i was both and knew this way is far better) 

many most more soulful than this...

though there is soul in this as its only for one person... i saw hers....

but everyone on this awful society seems to see all sorts... thats not real. especially about a man

two persons per chimney all that matters... but they know better of course...