Monday 27 November 2023

really righty, hoe....

 So in fact a last schism or two 

had to be

come true

Her.... near four years...

( never mind authentic =

 " nohhh!... sorry....  it wasnt 'poetical' even one capitalist cunt yank twisting her ankle, tumblin' down the world's highest fire escape is NOT 'poetically good for humnity'...."

..... why didnt i say so?!

well i

" here you said you need a job.... [ even if one on the emigree daddycash lot]" 

All we really have in the age of the phone fucked both 'sides' of all brains, is an age of no manners, ever.

And 'im.... though it should be hefirst and shetoo.  

" sorry.... uhhhh at last you've thought about your Pilger,yes we ... tboughtful internationalists and universal human rights fans...have been on the rags' ... side fourty years...   15:1 ...says enough.. never mind the torture- beaten with plastic piping ... as they get off the  commuter train at   

תחנת הרכבת ירושלים – יצחק נבון, محطة أورشليم – يتسحاق ناڤون)

to go and slavewage for their daily bread ... but that you cannot accept, no, 'flattening Gaza' is not very nice, but far more to the point, if one is on the rags' 'side' all this prorag bullshit is so utterly  unworldly,  as quite obviously thatsIT! 

 there is no unmemorising their "9/11" nor will there be for years, decades, every stupid 'anniversary' ... and in the real world NO ONE has even suggested they should be sanctioned for 'overreaction' not even the the real world that means game over.... so find a new game... for thine own sakes..."