Wednesday 29 November 2023

simple small things bodily


Hahhh hahhh...

even if "one i prepared 

earlier" as they say. ( in my phone a year..waiting for the final coyness gene to be burned away why bother...its just the BODY...)

Long ago discovered, indeed in the years of the abyss.

Real abysslife when you much of the time are dead

in the head

Call it whatever cultural construct you  may Want

( well at least the widow remembered that a few days ago " what was the name of the woman whos name  you wote down  for me.?" ... ["  i couldnt care less about our wonderful 'connection'" ..despite the smileyface]

" ahhhh ok as i shared with you... any true loss-grief, 

call it what you Want, Barbara..  magnificent book . . as i said now...i can see in ypur eyes... its clicking in i shall take the time and trouble to write it down for you again... all connection to me is for a reason.... even if the online bullshit brigade throw around that word to look good.. yet another meaningless showoff word.. our connection was real even if the almost sexual  frisson was perhaps ..death... all English seem bizarrely addicted to.. me only i haveno idea   . " .

. i did tell her

 " its extraordinary THEMIX...the unknowable mind system interaction....year one,  most of the time your poo will be of the unfirm kind..."  ) 

No point being nice to anyone i knew long ago ... nor saying to any middle aged woman " i only find over 50 year olds in any way desirable... because real desire is spirit, intelect... and.. your body combined.... but in fact moreso the former " 

Anyway three months!! now i do know it is over.. lurgi whipped

balance returnedto human bits if the human in charge!

I nearly did

 but did not dare

to share with Ms 'bodily' Queen ( the best intelect i have ever known on that subject and a few others)

last year

"You understand smallspace living .. even if my mode is different in that the smallest possible space means,  even midwinter i must get out a ....

lot which is always good...

2010 and on... few years... poo pot...

out at first light first 10 min of tge newday....i noticed after maybe a year of sludge ...gradually as i turned to ponder the morning delivery in the outdoor


( to be recycled later into nutrient use)

 - bang on 10 mins after wake up...always!

 adter a year of unreluability, it started to be firm...

And that is a mindbody no bullshit categorical symbol that your body is back in great shape...

And seeing it firm, steaming.... not in a watery bowl, somehow amplifies the truly wonderful psychological reinforcement in seeing  the true bodily symptom of ' healed'.. ...   ...

(last december) " ugghhh... minus 10 ..i had a corvid defo as my legs go... but guess what i walked even more today in minus 10..... get the bugger beaten...its working... now few days later, look at this :-) ... 

proof..... all is well!"

And today!!! rah rah! smiley emojii... three months of partly sludgies

And once again.

Back to basics proof positive. but it really does add to it - just adds an extra  positive 'mindful' dimension,  looking at it,  enjoying the sight... not disappearing down the whirlpool.... 

firm as a well baked 

 mud pie

stick that in your eye