Wednesday 29 November 2023

yes! " its just a piece of art" she said..

 No hope with the fearful, i guess,  even if they scatter it with the fun word ' birds'

( " like all immos sadly she darent really speak her mind in her adopted swamplands")

It us of course far too crass, and whatsisname ..the ranty one in the slammer for words  Alex Belf**ld ( dont want zny of his awful audience here thank you very much...  even my best schoolmate for years ....

[ the the worst offender early 2016

" well maybe i can figure a way to help bridge you and the lass if the birthday lunch doesnt work" i may as well have been talking with  the birds..and gaving them perch in my house a few days. fact thats an insult to birds as they have fabulous memories and can remember houseboat railings they perched on years ago the other side of the world, where they got nice treatment... so they find them every year back and forth one side to the other

 ... performative  English ... even ones very oldest  blokefriend...  

 but i carried on trying for years to suport his daughter... for real

and never even related until this spring...i had to...i had stuff to finish so i am authentic... even if it hurts

all my past put properly in the right box. Marked trash

 " Pete mate ... even you...even you! ... 

".. my best friend H in 2021 it was bad enough from her some performative ' hey maybe i can find a way of lassoing her by proy ... just back to some normal life... she would live my farm   ' and shes firgotten her  truly human words within  a day if uttering them ..

" but you ... i remember every word in my kitchen our long chats.... and that suggestion from you.... such a child orientated dadyou wish to petform.... [ between sessions at the shoot, the hookers on site doung the little 'hand jobs' under the feasting tables] hey i could try and bridge...  never again even reffered  to in years of debate how we help your stuck lass..  bimbo infected in your own words .."

( please note audio yesterday includes" i would not have one millisecond my life axes to gring or angst ever..." but truth MAYBE helpful ...[ as i asked the Saudi born aryan yesteraft... " but do you think it helps... really!?  getting truths aired always...  pondering our real truths... i have i know its lovely ...  but ..i dont know...i just dont know... so many do seem fearful of it subtly . i am not a fundamentalist zealot...i dont know! ... "?)


crass bad language of the  kind these Belf**ld idiots use laced with angsty insult 

infecxtd even Peter...  

( all uk men are shabby as they either cannot do mechanics any more ... as i discovered over 3 months last years autumn in a firmerly dalt if tge earth honest men region,  .. except one . Mister Tran**r took me 6 months to find him... even if i had to put up with bigottalk off the whatever internet site from him he seething : " these sex deviants are taking over the world all so terrible [ 3%, and 2.99% shut up about it]"

And ALL are lost to internet nonsense... conspiracy  illuminati or or other utterly dumbed down Telettuby nonsense so knowing.... whwn almost none if them have even had a european lover  to reeducate him....except in the red light dist if amsterdam ..    [ fair dinkum, except the Punjabber he  above the ibternet, so just spent a year goading me to use his' n word'   ... but also being funny ] 

i know europe... just monday inteligent vandwelling  Sprouts told me all is ok ...

Ordinary Pyrenneans will tell you" technocratique types like Macron come anywhere near our independent kingdom of real people... we'll feed him to the bears....we have nothing to do with their  world..[ the 'conspiracy' world .... of all uk silly men think think the internet version they are addicted to,  is all of europe .. when its just inaginary]"

Back to the point.

Several years ago, tboughtbubble:

 "impossible... somehow attacking ...snuffing out this 'woke' ...even if

" as an intellectual we never use that  rather silly word" they all do now . 

" i have various ideas... errata facts .. i know are a true remedy..... no one mentions and no one can argue with .. 

" but ...impossible... accept the new tyrany is just the new generation [ even if pimped by my generation of 55 year old truly sad lost women...recent good talk " this woke seems only to infect ENGLISH speaking ex colonies  and the coloniser"... a few honest women  Daum among them, the last few years have  stated, asshe dpecifically did  " this is women doing most of this yerrible  tyranny"  ]...and their newthink even if probably its not very good for is theirs..  


hmmm. .  

one thing i know the ART of the uk... far more so than Europe in fact

late 70s early 80s... WORKED

but is also being rewritten... thats what fascists and the bad commies did

no one gave a fuck about Bowie....  i know, i alone had all his records

no one said "Davy 

seeing his glittery tops...

on TOTP helped me with my mummy's knickers addiction 

... [far healthier to get into the neighbour's.. she destroyed by the corrupt Saudi cash too  ] "


we went to Bowie Milton Keynes gig about 88 ish...

it was not packed with baying fans..  quite sedate in fact

but there is more.

I aint even begun, yet...