Tuesday 28 November 2023

The Art.. of the unrelateable British "feminine" person

Last but one audio waffle.

The Art.. of the unrelateable British "feminine" person


or a better title, perhaps ' what on earth is feminism?'

meaning ... i would like to lnow, in my former extremely low dtress comfortable very sparselynpopulated reflgion....

every single  comfortably off woman landowning  employer for 5+ years....  this all extremely well evidenced ( all conversations and work discusxion recorded ): either stole earned wages fairly bigtime, or almost worse made major work bookings ( small communities most vaguely know each other) then last minute cancel prebooked long jobs underway...no manners even to..ponder compensation. ( no man behaving like this) i want to know... why?

that was region of reasonably educated all 'middle class', not crowded or pressurised like the South West...with many a wonky Londoner around... simple lifestyles simple suposedly functional communities...oldschool

why? and all except one 2019,  from 2020  when we were asked to pull together and be 'caring'...

well 'honest' would have done for starters!

But are they trying to prove something ?  ...  

i dont think they even knew.

UK society is toxic and lost forever.... as these were also all mothers..except the austere  chief medical manager....( who is mother Theresa to many in her town Presteigne)  . what kind of example!?


 Unplanned, never scripted, never any "pause" ... but damn it!, the words flow here....

and please note not one slightest identifying feature.... even if most committed real crime...i aint like that.

Especially facing the sunshine from 9am ..

This within audio first draft notes  is a whole weird book in itself....

I don't really ever want to think of again. In fact I do not.

There are  many pictures and films to bring the above to life.... in a nice way.Never mind prove every sad word is true.


Some are already in a website from 2020 but i cannot find it yet..