Tuesday 28 November 2023

Embodied REAL mind-body (indivisable) change. Rather wonderful silver lined black swan 'events'.



 to build post

( bugger, they have changed it.. copy paste the podcast audio title doesn't kep the special formating.... endless aggro.... i no longer care about presentation...only content matters and even if awful...i would tell this to anyone i cared for.... and there aren't many of them its all so wonky these days)

Embodied REAL mind-body (indivisable) change. Rather wonderful silver lined black swan 'events'.


they made it :-)

My last region sadly traumatised ferral youth would come up to our ponds and bump them off sometimes

All i know.... everything is merely relative. And come the winter when there is a dearth , anywhere one can find some lovely rays  ...all day.

And all i know, is there you are ... in the last place where one may find some new useful ... (to the next gen)

truly wise mind... even if the second   seen today,in this bizarre place

two hours into the lateaft mini mamouth " with your  fantastic words...lack of fanaticism, even circumspection in respect of dreadfully overused 'healing' 'spirituality' and 'trauma'... in effect also so unusual dual lineage,  and such and remarkable  insight  into  that so bonkers culture, from birth.... and admission their oil cash corrupted your family, too... my oh my... you really are needed to write... help us!.... i read or hear nothing by any Western  so called leading mind, about how on earth one is to speak of two opposing mindsets ...  beatin each other as we speak no doubt... more massacres and stuckness to come... you seem to have a key....embodied in ...you..and i cant do charm or lies..... find her... she will guide you... she speaks the same words as you ...its remarkable....and is far wiser than i.... and cares, even if too stuck sucking up to those service provided...to Be herself...and say it all....out loud...but quietly..as you say, always the key... "