Thursday 9 November 2023

To Bea.... day

 'trauma' bad word; maybe 'rumpus' much nicer word... or malarkey

or 'wonky'.... a decade ago i sort of cured (until the yank got her pharma-cure talons into her, and ACTUALLY put her in hospital)  a woman suffering real very-quick-onset abyss disease...

" maybe we should call it a nicer fluffier word like.... 'wonky'... depression is such a heavy word yes when you so quickly fall into the abyss   perhaps if we just say

 ' definitely...its here.... wonkiness has set in.... bed with curtains closed  for 24 hrs.... chicken soup maybe tomorrow... don't worry i forget you exist unless you need me to remember you do but i know what real wonkiness is, that won't help for now' ...."

I know it WORKED.... gradually slowly the wonky time  - time in 'clinical' wonkiness, got less and less over a year  ...

or if one wishes to be elitist,  querulous rejoinder... but thats another story for another day