Thursday 9 November 2023

And as for the fairies! (NOTE TO SELF)

 of technology....

I have planned the whole week around my several year long absolutely certain battery performance - cooler times, an hour at best (and have many poetical picture essays on that as collage maybe one day), and what do yer know   

(a year ago or late November as the ice comes ... no heating small space living in a  VERY damp place, as i said to someone a month ago " [especially the Christians] ... minus two they sometimes check up o you or give you a call..... minus ten [for several weeks] hahh hahhh not a squeak out of them.... interesting, real life....not the fake 'community' version )

what do yer know  - weirdly one of the few natural 'phenomena' i always am amazed by ... and it always makes me smile.... (even if exactly the same in last 7 ear residence extremely old unmodernised 300 year old ruin acually built on a swamp and no one can listen " it was sublime... the juju there extraordinary... and the surrounding walks none of the underclass ever made use of...(or the MAlcom Gladwell  words, i think he pinched it from me early 10s non judgemental 'bottom third'] . ever was m own 2 or 3000 hectare magical overgrown secret garden.... but ferk me built on an actual swamp.... so cold its daft... and so mouldy damp i am far better off in my mobile small-space  home... in fact last bricks n mortar was actually far harder existence ... and i had to small space in the winter into one small room with woodburner which only got hot with a whole tree in it   and i am not so greedy i think i ever desrved that" 

Anyway....wherever you are no heating   ... one reason for almost always waking up at 5.15... its really true that Dylan line ".. before the dawn. They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn. But you wouldn't know it by me. Every day's been darkness since you been gone. Little ..."

 but typical towny moaning in that rural actual nature living folk know that almost always its a good deal warmer prior to around half past dawn ... its around half an hour maybe an hour past dawn one notices it is or maybe just 'feels' colder so up at 5.15  is a joy...

Oh yes what was i going to say ... one must plan. By a partly usable library so if i use laptop an hour  prior opening i can go and charge it up (despite a charging cable so worn out any second it dies) 

 And bugger me the impossible: it says and seems unusually  not to be lying  that there are FIVE HOURS of battery !!

note to self

many more pictures of wood and wood  and wood sawing lovely old technological frame

find pictures of the two sat together, on two sat together  chair...many

that is called 'empowerment'  (another TRULY warped fucker of a word i have studied) "here... you use it as you will...i have no power to influence you.... you maybe cannot 'respect' us chaps i dont know but you are you..."