Sunday 26 November 2023

 jumping to them...

now somewhere.... in a substack audio waffle  of the last few weeks, if my memory serves me well, though it may be 5 or 6 weeks back: 

shabby men.

possibly sexist, though an acurate enough 'generalisation' that was the first accusation  ( generally always levied from late 90s) symptimatic of what to come .. 

when a society is such that even in the quiet very low stress Marches ....  so many cannot even check their body, and make it double check for things left on their trailer ...before  bodily driving off

Then their minds werent worth bothering living for and stealing the cash down south to buy up the cottages of said Marches

I have a whole Turner Prize desreving series

 of these

over years

of the reality of this sceptic aisle ... 

 these just yesterday morning

oops wrong one

not that they can read.... so we tried ohhh my god i tried.... to put it in a picture

Bridges, over ....

I want to meet her - daddy painted bridges, between one warring suburb and another...

be it Bosnia or 

... because yesteraft as last act.

But it wasn't

Maybe he could hear.   

( but it is the total inability to REMEMBER ... 10 years ago: "even if you believe in the fairie book... i tespect you as the ONLY person i have ever met whom, like me, marks your rechargeable batteries with a permanent mark so that they can be charged as pairs or four-at-a-time...  which means the charge time is roughly the same as they age decrepidate  and thus you are conserving energy in a simple things way.... but while you are at it you may have a word with all your friends in that town  your load of godsquad infiltrated...and this one ... i have photod for years how there are almost no shops sell rechargeables... in fact more and more they push the dingle use"

Anyway good for me and good for me 2 years not one single use battery ever purchased....i got my act together...always

recharging even on the most simply limited circs. Always.

but... thats just a poem in an odd essay maybe one day to finish.

but this spring, unplanned....

but kairos time

unintended blowin up bridges as one leaves....

feels good...

if the dynamite used is well understood to be laced with timeless timing devices of " ten years your cant and vanity...and power games... for your kids sake you need to hear some truths. .." 

.... over May and June... by digitals and even voicenote...

But then events dear girl events.

A month ago

his consternation

palpable  isceral bodily shock

 at getting my call....

" so c'mon what do you think? the only fairly grown up ive known back tgere a decade... i am curious"

the religious man doth say " Gaza...flatten it .."

At which point.


"  authenticity ... = ... accept a whole decade  of that ex friendship built  on the inability of anyone ever to be constant... over and out"

But yesterday even better.... though he knows we do deep down kindof chime 

he has never fone it before.

" well you know what it says in the last  chapter of The Good Book.."

And he mentored, officially, many Hay yoof....

But there we go... except  good for me the true

 art of relating

my whole body,

 he heard totally in every vibration down the line

the bridge building

with even him, after even that REAL fallout..... that made him nuclear reaction.

And he knows i have a very accurate chronicle of it all....

but it cannot be faked. And furthermore real events ... matter.

Especially this one ..

because " you know....sooner or later they will have to 'save face'... this may be the beginning of  yet more and more of these  times.... "