Sunday 26 November 2023

what is 'woke' ?

 Well, as we may attempt to attack it...

( miracles can Eckhart world;in real life its hard and messy, and you have to Be-lieve in your own spirit, if it is unique, and "warrior"like.. the good kind)

One has to describe it first.

I have had a productive 3 months, partly mojo -50% downtime.

I  know  where it largely arose from.

Which is inextricably  part of what it 'is'.

And that is, ( probably along withUSA), from around the turn of the millenium, a conversation began

that was never infact had

" ehhh... while i am so busy overworking for more money to afford loadsa new stuff from the Guardian Colour suplement, or ASDA if the other 'class' and having a 

'lifestyle' ... lets chuck the parents in an old peoples homefarm.... [ the one by Hay the food budget is starvation rations[sic]... and certainly don't think about how UK,- almost alone in the European 'west' in the rate of farming oldies,  is going to pay for subcontracting the work and time needed to... someone else at £500 a week of national debt dosh"

in simple terms, as the people thought of every excuse or justification for not lookin after the oldies or sick parents...

they started to transplant their 'care' genes ..into

caring about 

all sorts of things they can neither understand, control or  know if performative 'care' may even benefit those cared 'for' often  from their 'armchair' being nasty to JK ..etc.. 

Or making up imaginery other stuff 

All partly a displacement  of actually caring for or finding some way of poppin in and pickin up the pieces

 of the Parkinsons

fumbled plates 

litterin the kitchen floor

or  accepting the whiff of amonia

not absorbed by a yrillion of public debt which like a well used nappy  is so full to bursting

not a penny more

thry all got spent!!

but the truly ultimate performative..  is when the brown woman  spring 2020 calls into  Today

to perform

" well i am a carer from Hay-on-wye [ not born bred as there are none, brownbornbred] for my oldfolx ...  ]  desperately exhausted  emotionally caring for my olds.."


only a little later in her performative radio callin do we sort of gleen....

this 'caring' is  by


200 km up the road

and she doesnt even have to bother journeying that pathway any more, the convenient kindof travel ban.  

 so she can get back to caring to tell the truth of the region on her Mac ... and film edit for dosh,  the biggest load of lies ever... 



lass 'n i.....

offered her a spare room .. when we heard how she was performing  "homeless" at the barsnack bar...

i am not a cynic i used to believe especially what any brown peep said afterall ' shared opression' blahh blahh...

the night before she was to exchange ...

on a very large property.  

But i run ahead of 

my memoirs

 that are full of poetical word pix

unlikely ever to be quite rolled out

As i only wish to bolster a woman who actually did nurse her dying mother

.....real life used to interest me.

But if no one can stop and ponder it...or think.

Theres no hope


Anyway .. now i have all the time in the world, i took the time to look up the music of other lineages. 

And had to smile.

but define 'war crim' 

if you ask me  a whole lineage that finds any excuse to cart their olds off
subcontract 'family' to be paid for by their kids in a national debt thats not going to be 

swished away by a fairie wand 


aint exactly innocent