Thursday 30 November 2023

what is 'feminism'?

 ... i still don't know.

I kindof had a clue 23 years ago.

Even if an anti-clue or some ..'insight' .. if i were a woman i would be seething ..

Living 3km outside Hay-on-Wye... remote on a ridge with 2 goats ..a load of bunnies .. a ferret or two.. the latent zoo for child.   Takes a LOT of time to do all that... but keeps em off the tv,  or from even  remembering ...we dont have one when everyone else does

just quietly plodding along... next door some land with a few horses...

Only real nasty the military would route their Yemenichildren ( by proxy... training those delightful Saudi   nouveau genocideres) bombing planes 

i fon't do speculation or gossip in fact this spring having a ladt day  at the nice dentist ( who stole my platinum backed cap fallen out i categorically asked him ... its recorded, i dont save ...once he had taken the size) i wadered up the high hills above Church Stretton ( large new 'community' nearby of golden visas given to actual sexist dinosaur Mennonites who tequire their women yo dress like dolls from some dolls house.. now the modern Europeans dont come quite so much ... anyway mad yank religious cults have tons more money to donate to newbuild religious 'schools' and the our bankrupt exchequer..Nottingham officially so hahh hahh..    gets a load if newbuild for free..  .)

... i did.. its over... many interviews..   some i should publish.. soon

a bit of real UK

that day the nice happy joyful family picnicing up in the hills as i like brown folk i chat.. nice happy smiley Saudiman... here being trained nearby on how to fly his Yemeni prskypeasantmurdermobile  ..

. ...

...cont ...back to the events of 23 years agoish... 

 . from the airfields down south over to West Wales training grounds.. along our valley.

The law: unless the Yemmeni mothers and children are aiming  viable rockets at you and its an emergency, you must fly your noisy  killing machine 200' above all habitation as bare minimum and really should stay above 1000' unlrss really necessaey to be nearer ..   our house.

As a 3 year giver upist of all waste of hydrocarbons for kids sake .. no one else gave back their license ever except me good for me i did however still remember what 200' in a plane looked like.. .

and forgetting us and the nice scared witless  goats... horseriders not far away

so one day after one if their needymobiles comes over the ridge at 75' ... and had there been a nag or even a child feeding a nag a bag og carrots.. potentially to be hurt by the  unlawful scary noise just above their heads a horse bolting can ..kill

i email : credentials; coordinated, awareness of the law as i examined other pilots on it. "Your boys are breaking it regularly... and it puts lives and livestick at risk the truly scary jetnoise just over their heads "

what do you get? their PR calls..  

To weasel word... 

her  'feminine' way...all sweetness and feminine calm... .. into what? 

Not being told by me " you frigging nasty  liar...  ' and then being told " you could say even if pacifist i am more senior an aviator.. years in charge     than these cowboys i know  a blatant criminal reckless bit of aviating when it scares my kid and goats half to death.. and risks lives nextdoor where they have horses.... and furthrrmore no earthly reason why they need to be so close to the earth when its against the LAW " 

because if course we dont even raise our voices to weasel wording wimmin PRs.. who know full well they are lying about flight logs.. because we dont behave like that to women, do we ..  

Just as ...ultimate  cleverest PR 

coup in history

UK poison manufacturers... selling poison to countries that themselves are a bit behind... but the poison banned for decades on the UK .. 

has woman CEO ..PR Queen . ... petforming Mother Fucking Theresa so perfectly...  selling her poison.. killing kids! butter wouldnt melt in ..their mouths as theyre cold and..dead..

And of course because she is a truly sweetest ever sounding woman no journalist dares to day " look you weasel..   much of uk ag was 'pesticide dependant' in the 80s...  if we banned pesticide ( i worked in farming a bit i know!)  our mouldy northern mould and bugs sure as ferrets are ferrets would decimate crops!...mass starvation was to follow...  but when forced to change due bans. . ... guess what adaptations were made ...

.  and the crops did 

    just fine.."

If i were a woman i would fume the way women have been rolled out as weasels...  not in my name

call me a silly old utipian goat, but surely thats part of 'feminism' too... not allowing such explicit ... whatever the word is

for spinning these frauds.. spinning plates filled with sweet cherry pie   

like the 'circus skills' the likes of Bulmer and co lure in their 'audience' with

oops one more real life tale must get up..   how a woman was as good as murdered 2009 the nicest 'community' of happy sweet bohemian Gwerkian community people you could imagine ... at tbeir annual happyfest gathering .  

And there were other options... Esti and dad... on official community duty...  ... tried...