Sunday 31 December 2023

A Bee came to say ...something

 All i know is i would rather be bitten, ( especially having discovered the lovely man who discovered, they do, when all others said they cannot, just up the road from here) or even fatally stung by Bee or given the final  Bea  ...attitudes

Than suffer one more butterfly brain, ever... 

Because butterfly braining around became the problem ... and is so dull

even if i inderstand, I am the odd one out especially anywhere South of about Birmingham for years

. and seemingly among anoyone once city

even those whom advertise themselves trendily as being raised on grandads allotment walking barefoot in the grass


I would wish anyone actually living that mode...most of the time at least. As it is remedy, to ourselves.

But i only meet those who put that stuff on Fakebook as its trendy i guess.... 

thats no "processing" though

this is


I just wish i knew what the Bea...attitudes actually are ...all of them as i know some were great. And better communicated than anyone else has ever...