Sunday 31 December 2023


 the institution of Ian McGilchrist

of course i have meandered through the trendy left/right brain theories of society. not new... been reading all that for decades.

And i want to Be lieve him... there is always some useful truth in pushing new better ways out.

But it is the 'rote' rather smug people pleasing speak...  that does so litle to challenge,   all speak we should.

He seduced them all...

Challenging all especially his people pleasing, that's called The Enlightenment. Why we have some 'freedom' from religious cunts spreading cant and vanity ( as George Elliot the bravest of them all...[ Katrina and I] ...rightly stuck 2 fingers up at)

Even i was a little seduced.( and i dont wish to be negative of one of her demigods) a week ago linked here

" we need rooting again" ... yes no maybe 

But actually also as humans...many.... cannot " Be 'human' "  very often ... and even may Be set their mates on you ... agressively

( audio to come)

There may Be 

many times in modern reality-life we need a completely new horizon so as to forget entirely, all of previous 'rooted' to place and lovely lands i was for many years

to actually have new great energy cos of real love damaged...  its great to get away from ALL reminder, s as every place would for me for quite long enough.. thanks

Be new 

really does mean reroot elsewhere,


its great!