Friday 15 December 2023

as 'metaphor'

 ... several years new phase, last phase, meandering 

Thats one of just a few questions: does ANY  supposedly fairly well educated or  read person on this sceptic aisle even know any more that 'yoga' as i refer to... and should be held up in society ( all actual exercise is good, mind you even i fucked up in July a bit pulling a muscle in my knee doing silly pretending-to-be-teenager acrobatics on Loe Bar...  and seeing the truly mesmetising clog  dancer at St Just tear her ankle as she Miss Stepped ... that reinforced... her ankle being she is 40+ will take a fact i was listening to a good non self pitying talk yesterday on te year...but 5 or 10 really, for the body to readjust after real damage...6 months on my oqn knee still mot quite there all self inflicted contortions post 40 or 50 are a bit silly when you have a brain that needs really contorting into truths ...walking the best form of low impact low risk of a twist... meditative execercise.. or cycling i want a tandem for Christmas.... ( photo to put in lovely one seen July)

yes the q: body control and obsession in any form, one of the many new diseases of the mind. Are all just metaphor. I dont have to look at the pityfully self obsessed fakebooks of those i once tried to  have grown up environmental ( vote greener) dialog  with... 

yoga or reikii or even dance... 



for the compmete inability of any so called community or child focused person to  make true simple statements about their 'community' ... such as Marches 

( Horrorfordshire.. SAS based just up road from their yoga halls of prettier West Herefirdshire) or just as likely those in the SW ... 

" we... our communities...even here... are profiting from arms supplies to, training contracts for... technology development supply contracts... to a genocidal people who are killing children today im unnecessary ' collateral damage'.. nope their heads just full of self obsessed curating bodies for cash if they can... 

yoga/ wellness, and every form of 'ecstatic dance' we see as katest ' look at me ...but dont ever think of fucking me like normal people do, or did...'  the whole fraudulent nonwalking lot of them

metaphor for a total pandemic of acedia..

 especially among those who for years set out thrir  their stall as caring  wiser people 

not even 'displaced' caring... by proxy.

A complte total  brain muscle  disconnection from the bones of the human body

avoidance of all painful truth.

Because partly their bread is buttered with all that subtle military profit, too.... one way or other

but the real tragedy,  i dont think anyone in once quite literate uk would understand such a simple metaphor..   about us