Friday 15 December 2023

They wouldn't say THAT


... 'n word' in actual Yugoslavia ...

Poor immigrants polutted by the local effluent.... silly ideas in a silly language. 

We saw it start in USA. ..maybe turn of last decade

UK only a few years behind.... 

And hopefully for their sakes the actual Yugoslavs in Yugoslavia  will be 30 years behind us.  ... or will never 'catch up'

Anyway at last even if he is one of the many Pakestinian deathwishers... with his infantile virtue signalling...Yannis the greek 

tells Owen the Pipsqueek

"Croatia started it ...with a little bit of ethnic  genocidal cleansing FIRST...  those Slobo Serbs just learning from the bad ways of those in front of them..."  rahh rahh

I always knew they were the gooddies  ..thats what my in xepth research told me.. true hearts of gold, even if sadly poisoned by local genocideres of the real intelect... in fact famously they were the peacemaking tribe for centuries...

video not ready til 1615

and spot the little mistake

they never manage to factor in the s ientifically provable ( if they did the math but they dont allow it) several hundred tnousand at least genocided by a secretly  kafkaesque 'justice' system in nasty Blighty... 

me tbe lucky one bulletproof and i won.. they didnt hurt me

99.9% thats not so