Sunday 24 December 2023

Bees ..and things and flower fact, really 

Even if the quest began 20 years ago...

And when they think they are chatted up i put em right 

" above all i only care about just a few on a list...

 irrespective of me

The list... its not for me...  simple life is just finding a few great influences ...  

ok he would be on it but yoo late now ..tpo old i huess for the twinkle and body language 


"Bees and things and flowers "

In Ronnies  frig i cant remember the year my empty life of nothing so absurdly full of simple things..( the key to true happiness  and a good life - even a year og nothing ... that i wanted.... seems like a century)

Him on the throne ... in the break

" Roy.. i dont do famous folk or artists or musicians even if had a brother in there with all the top ones...  you can look him up on Top of the pops early 80s... embarassing .. sad being with someone famous just cos theyre famous...for their dad... i wouldnt even talk to Rod the sod prancin around in 5 grand suit

imported to my sisters 18th or some occasion most forgettable .... though Mister Lizzy was the exception a pint with him a few weeks before he died in a pool of his own vomit... a lovely gentleman... no pretensions at all.... but i have to break this rule..... 

and i know you will live your natural life above all their sad compulsions...

" please will you make it out to Esti... i wish she could meet you too... and i could show her ... well know who you are as do the rest of us, the purest authentic definition of  love... the energy of true love

.... never mind laughing at yourself  .part of it too...

. the only totally secure man i have ever ALL the ladies in the audience know too...  which is why every single one, from the rich bitches of Ken to the younguns of the art colledges...  just... dont dare approach you  now... because..."

but you had to Be

there at Ronnies... where even those in love with their

aryan master of the universe

silver spoon... tablemate...

stood up and simply

 let go