Sunday 24 December 2023

The.... list

 At last..


Now... i wasn't sure about the chubby mongrel... yes yeahh...funniest man on the planet. Ss the planet knows. Even if... in the greatest duel of love,  almost ever... ongoing until a few months back.

Three years we  attacked... stung ... he started it with extremely harassing gaslighting coercive anonymous heckler texts

And followed, often day afyer day from dawn...the stingiest Bee stings in the history of the written word

Still,  If This  Is A Man... there has to be just a bit of actuallly DOing rather than the greatest one liners ever...he genius at...and i could never in a million years do... 

Which  in time... the one thing i could never stinginh the fuckrr back even funnier... and just as short shift


Never me...

Until a year ago two loves jostling in my head for space... we went all the way

And i know, I made him laughtoo.. never the plan... but what a bucket list item to have not known would be a sort of completion, gift. I resisted ' laughter' after all its a serious thing, 


But.... one day those many tjousand funny texts need to see the light of day even if we may need to find a platform that doesnt have AI censorship.... as no one can understand... what love is... until you read every word, of it arising

but anyway,   you need a real real man on the list...just one.

And in the very last place in the universe... fascistlite township,  of noisy airbone gunships down the road

Even if there are two others,  moved in .. within a 10km  circle on yhe short list way above him

And it is a very very short list.

 i buzzed along, stings, in swordsheath...

With the best man i ever met...

I am complete. And i was not searchin for anything...  after i found top of that list person a year ago.... no matter what anyones feelings