Wednesday 13 December 2023

 And ... my chronicle... to maybe one day 


stored away

of years .. of butterfly behaviour

scanning.. in fact glancing

no communication ever real

ref EU..

and those rivers... and the rest

ended 13 months ago.

I already had 

as i said

a ' situation' early  winter 2022

i worked within,

 only for her benefit

my benefit yhe most magnificent ever surreal absurdist, but Pilgeresque  [ more than 2 reliable sources]

story... the 'healing'  and tyrants of 'we know better how you must RELATE... thats £99.99 a day please.. ladIES...

women queen bees of that while world .. 

when they are online and tjmhink they are owed money after a hastily thrown festival   May... 21

didnt... manage to return their deposits after it went a bit bust...

and i volunteered to speak with them all so so do nicely and relate to all their viscious anger...

its a perfect exposition  upon their ' work' ..or meditation or circle holding...or tyrannicly telling me what to think..or what my defects are ... when they have never even had a cuppa snd seen my all hearing ears...and eyes

( and these are the real queen bees [ lcase] of that world)

does not..... work

And their baying and so narcissistic attacks ... i did need to record to truly protect myself

none know what truth is

tis a wonderful turn into a modern dance ..or even opera one day ..

the real... UK....

but i have no interest at all in even the story of anyone after November 2022....

never mind even their name

I already found the only one who just may be real..

the rest are almost certainly hollograms...

as endless funny proof ... well we can never quite Be sure of anything...

thats what keeps us alive!!!