Wednesday 13 December 2023

I never use anyone elses material 
except these
in passing
in a hurry
never ever again

the other images
not mine,  used..
 for 'mutual benefit'

if anyone in the land knows ehat rhat means anymore

t'was the basis of all actual real rural life ... til London bought  about all the 'rural'

So Be it but when so few wcen know of   Jerzy Kosiński's  magnificent actual Painted Bird... the most glorious book about the 'other'...

And absolutrly everything in tjis awful sceptic shopping aisle just repurposed for the bimbos...( boy bimbos next door, as bimbo was a non binary fluid term when first invented for aint sexist.... why didnt i take a picture of that £100 offee table book actually called 'Surfer Porn' )

just everything  purposed for something else that just 

there is an 'it'