Thursday 21 December 2023

writer collective

This needs writing up far more coherently and persuasively. Will be within a few days.

It's a silly Christmas present that wont be opened.


Just one example - ive been part time at this 10+ years... 15 really:

Early 2021. A rare instance of a very very hard won sort of partial male ally. To sort of "watch my back" Him based in the high st of small Marches town. One very small high st.

" mate..... as you know for a month or more i have been reticently on the case of four of your neighbours.... the three women and one man [all age 40-50 all ostensibly middle class;  all would consider themselves...above average wise and awarenes.. ]  solo mum, my only most valued GREAT INFLUENCE woman for many years ( for my own kid even), nowadays solo only parent... in hospital with heart attack she comes by boasting she had been so drunk she gave herself a heart mention of her 2 boys [6+8 ] for some years ive met her with in the park...    our friends the couple... her two teen daughters known to be so so in shame at her mums drunk and drugged behaviour getting so much worse of late.. the very wonky one Becky... with her official hospital letter her liver is half rotten....[the first two women official paid carers to others] me soc servs available...theyre all still hiding behind their desks bound up in 10 layers of PPE... anyway we way out in the sticks only fuckin snotty incomer Guardian readers saying its 'paradise"... a month i have tried to recruit just a few people who will do the absolutely STANDARD thing of getting the three women and our lost sad male friend [none actually my friends] at is own admission on the verge of the rope ... lifts and support to NA or AA which is going to a take a few people helping out back and forth the only available meetings 100+km away....... among the smug bullshit brigade around here all of whom go around saying 'we have such a lovely..COMMUNITY' well when 4 of their members are killing kids and themselves... you make sure your community knows that none ever helped...  and a bloke cannot be in the car alone with even slightly alcy woman... no way noy safe even if friends for some years.. simple straightforward grown up mature stuff.... not one has come forward as you know... and there are 4 children involved here.... 6 really"

only because at least he would vouch for me actually doing the work, rather than utter people pleasing waffle...and knew i was right and he 9had minor involvemet (though 3 very young kids couldnt be away)

and protect me from innevitable backstabbing...

could i say what needed to be said

In a place just like Gwerk.... 

Why would NO one - mainly of course 'caring' local women were approached...... i mean they all were calling it a 'crisis'... 

Thats what i want to read essays or stories about... (even Labour admitting they cannot add to the 2.6 trillion debt we racked up  - as no one actually did much in the 'community' for decades... they dont do it that way in  a lot of the EU... why may countries have far less than our debt)

And REAL thinkers and writers dont write little vanity pieces about how one small (usually privileged) bunch of folk have their little community al nicely communal at farmers markets for ticher folk.. they write if they have REAL life experience and balls  how we reach, provoke, thrill, or blackmail far more people across society into thinking maybe they are part of the problem too (i stopped blaming politicians years ago)  as the same problems are everywhere

women need to point the spotlight on reality of our own communities of US

A story here, not to be told
not a 'cause' simply in fact doing what i was told...

maybe members ... may be..

Bobby the 26 year old.."whiffy one" . writing about her dad and maybe other things would LOVE some folk on side.....spirited suport ... running chapters in to a few .... her and I working out how she may tell the story of an arrogant man.. typical high tech ' master of the universe' ex whitehall worldly and [ still thinks there is an empire] cannot accept his truly fabulous inteligent daughter as his equal ..

(think oxbridge british empire nonsense)

a year of her attempts to reach him

several of my loose group have already said " wow i would love to read that...her story of trying to  find acvomodation with him....real, deep. .may throw a spotlight in a useful place"

Y .. the mongrel...
she's been in training 18 mths
she is the answer to all... 

its her world ( age 40)
and is funny...
what a journey we have been on...

but the ones who should,  because get to 50+ and when you state you know things have gone very wonky, a bloody wasteland in some respects... well try and write some "truth" that isnt confected victimhood.. or self pitying... or messianic wuu wuu obsesdion
" ehh... dont you think its very harmful to society at large when we have such an epidemic of false allegations" gets a serious nod or more..

 well don't just nod... explore via writing

ask your sisters, "why"... find an answer

I want one for my daughter's generation.

N**** and her "property money corrupted my family" As we have no end in site to ANY younger person ever affording a dog kennel nor any real real newbuild of social housing... some solutions need to be forced

and that starts with the goodies " eh so... you will be going for market price when you downsize... even if you manned extinction rebellion stalls for ... "  or some sane conversation

or stories of yes how the propertisation of all has messed up real people...

Z****.. ex many year nurse... superb on ... not taking illness too seriously and other great things on (the banned word for a bug) ...  

The "bird" lady superb on not taking fragile x too seriously and so many other things.....

Churchwarden S***** my age ish...most enjoyed full and frank chats.. " ehh false allegations really hurt us... but as you said when ecstasy came along i remember well, too...all went weird"

And half a dozen others...

i lnow what saddens me 

lack of equality in fuckin housework

inability really to share resources such as motors...or gardens or... 

TOTAL inability to help neighbours with straightforward child issues 

And no we dont want Katie Hopkins rhetoric style... something real and grown up about how every single under 30 is so obsessed with their body and also mental ' conditions' and labels.... needs somekind of good rebalancing all that

many other similar small ordinary issues in ordinary lives...

i have been gently quizzing dozens since  2021... 

These things need writing about honestly " why are WE [ not authority as most local authorities are as good as bust years ago]... not finding OUR solutions to these things..."


really what to say about absolute pandemic of porn.. 


And they must be honest and "meetoo... part of the problem" and with our stories, the only one being what a fool i am to have thought any of them actually meant a word....

but see post  - short audio below.  It adds to this video here...You act as if they may have...

And pity them if they didnt because all i would LOVE to read their words, i have tested and prodded and know they would be the right person to engage us on their subjects.....'RELATE' to anyone..i am very fussy about writers.  Don't want to waste a moment on those whom may be thought making it all up.... each one believes in THEIR thing...  thrir eyes said it.

and i know believing every single one of the kids, in their 'world's third sentence for years... is " i have dyslexia"... really does need a bit of a chat about, too

But i want a non british born in there too.. THEY need know how different it could Be... if you are a real"warrior" ... and survived us so long. 

surviving is no fun though, when you really should Be ..leader or rightly respected best communicator... among equals. 

As theyve all been told