Sunday 17 December 2023

" change" Serbia

 the early news: " fifteen parties will work in an alliance today to oust the gone-a-bit-bullneck Serbian ruling 'progressive party' following [ minor] upsurge in violence everyone is worried about as their talk is they jpibed forces in a REAL alliance no backstabbing to change thid."

Someone needs to tell UK this where you cannot even get  two or 3 parties with the same   categorically stated mission in december 2019... on the biggest change for decades "no brexit yet..maybe have a review.. think more" to manage any strategic ' anything but boris' vote

i know i spent a year suggesting this in 2  obvious strategic vote constituencies where red and yellow both runnig would equal red 

never mind get  green organisations to be allies and act on the sane simple eco necessities,  rather than all atomised little puddles of pooey water

Never mind  ally around even a little simplest  bit of rhetoric " we have exactly the same two party system as the US has in reality...  as  ONLY   ... in Europe, ehhh.... Belaruss  has.... only a simple major alliance  to split the vote with clear deal:  coalition  ..primary objective have proportional representation fully explored and a meaningful well educated vote [ unlike the last a shambles con] .. so that uk may be as wonderfully modern as Serbia with loads of party choice... and all the rest of our neighbours... except for our  shining example compatriot Belaruss