Tuesday 26 December 2023



only one person has called me that in a year ☺.. not British born blood

xmas eve ( so aburdly 'together' its daft)

but no accounting for the endless phone games, you get from no dad

.daddy a real one... doesnt even waste 75 p on a new temp number... unless it ends up actually getting paid back to him, and with extra benefits in a new fat  useful load of data.. i so so needed to backup..

better off than i was before pondering that 75p last week.

Not allowing anyone elses confusion to  even cost you a penny, if possible... is what daddy's do... thsts an example of how to ..Be...

..if theyre always 


what one needs of a daddy.. him to be always  having his act together ( and no acting)

The end

the next?
ohh just to be back on my old bike again.... 
i forgot, ive got one!  in one of my little woodland drops...

that... outdoor bicycling.... really does the facial lines good and colour to the cheeks...
( picture of tandem, i took in july...all i want.... )