Tuesday 26 December 2023

Fakebook, fake 'activists'

 notes on last year. only.

Others to come one day

what we do not see is often far more telling


just in case i drop dead a scholar of the future should see my records... 

I find it a huge hilarious Monty Python Homeric poem of perverted true  truth, a range of utterly totally goody goody ' activist' middle aged women and some men i have 'connected' with in person.. some for many year.... goody goody" green and anti military industrial complex"  types, some known years and hours of time wasted on...

Some semi public figures....all endlessly spinning their image out there....addicted to their daily dose of Fakebook messiah preaching

Its extraordinary how not one has posted anything  since October 9th about how British made armaments are being used in clearcut heinoud warcrimes...yet again.

or ANYthing at all about Israel Palestine  as if... ????

I will be ...leaving... even in Bolivia they remained very suthentic, always..at real risk of death 2017..... as i had the joy to see.


Wasted life... 

Not really i stay true to who i became