Sunday 3 December 2023


 thsts what you want

your equal.

all this Eckhart  too complex

Your equal... i never found i guess. The only first step to true "working" helpmeetism

or any good relationship.

Rifging so enjoyably  and true pecefully..with 'equal' woman ..

married happy healthy, tough no nonsense... wrll red born n bred... i can say anything to her without being stabbed or counterattacked

And she knows  this has all gone too far.... symbolising selfish neurosis....

all mainly exploding post the glorious year of 2020...i watched and noted...

and she cares... ally#1

maybe simple stuff film

cos she has 2 youngish lasses...

one " angry" 

at this exploded consumerism and also the explosions in Gaza 

.. thats HEALTHY!