Sunday 3 December 2023


The last day of the last finished epoch

to 8 year grasdopper..  

ring ring

" just to say... you came through your study of Ukraine so drawn in.. . i was worried for you... 

"that long talk...i let you talk

 "about how you knew. ..

"I hope you know now you were wrong and extending hope for those underdogs... caused many many thousand to die . ..

" this one though....  announcing contra Geneva Convention intentions the day after... 7th Oct which is hewn into history forever...

" no one has even suggested they will be sanctioned for flattening the South, too... it was over before it began...

" surrender [ always leading to better terms] ... was the only wise tjing to do.... and now we have years more of an eye for tens of thosands of childrens' eyes.......  you just wait...amd never forget part of the military spend is with UK plc"



" meanwhile uk.... this lovely chappie...had £3000 spent on merely a cateract job on his one good eye ..

" once again....ehhh... i think they have it all in perspective in other lands.... three grand on a gammy eye... the Englush and their dogs... i dont belong here any more... go back to a saudade place where  3 grand may be used for something a bit more...human.... feeding them forex.."

And in tbe great unknowable nonsense even grasshopper number 1 doesnt even return hus calls any more..

I ended.