Friday 1 December 2023


 zenny lopers do not use that word unless it is actually for real....

I got it

" i come from a place that no longer exists"

metoo, or better put has just come to me

the perfect next line. And that place is not about where our feet may be, only really ever in our heads... and bingo i thought i had had to burn the bridge

back there

twenty years ago

and 'there' really was important to me

my mode

to Be

and be most content.

But it could be gotten back to now i know it inside

Cos i got there good for me.

eureka ...

Only because there is the perfect mode for thought...


then move the body... 

bob about  between one job and another..

seems to work better outdoors..

and the newthought or insights are so much better..

and it is ' in the can'

for later.

for now

as long as every few weeks there can be a drying out session

papers notebooks old laptop...

all is so well...