Friday 1 December 2023

but right on schedule

 ten minutes in

met shitcreek...   in June

I remembered her name and child's age...

I no butterfly.

that look

and right on cue, ten minutes in:

" you can't generalise"

thoughbubble ... twenty years  of this 

simply back to silently  knowing

" you can't converse....nor deal with any suggestion UK should be in the Hague or... other little problems snound.."

silence forever now.

Except what a magnificent battle!  won!

moral of the story ...ehhh... just be yourself no more polite texty twaddle.... get right down to it ....all the way...

..there's a real great white hope!! tested... been through rigrous assault course.

Theres a real warrior in her.. at last i see in black and white... 

she knows for the sake of her 4 kids ...time to write her thoughts fully.

" i agree with your cheeky  metaphor ... me and my  crimbo  candlemaking and like your  ' you women go all stupid this time of year thinking candles maketh man .. when the molten wax is spreading all around  and burning the soul out of mankind especially  our kids'  good man :-).. ... ok... time for action! ..soon...."

And this one a true equal. Which is what you want...all you want, in helpmeet  ( Eckhart will only shy away from as he shys sway from his equals) or partner in ... the 'rest' -  is just work....  maybe one day afterall she will write her scurilous critique of the.. propertied  money  lot, at her own dinner table

thats what she said she wished

seems like  a year ago now..

even if only a few months.

( the other key to life, tbc)