Thursday 14 December 2023

Gaza. 40 year humanitarian says the seemingly unsayable

draft still editing this post

( i live most happily small van offgrid no electricity, no time to even spell check just yet)

this audio on substack waffled out this morning is a roundup /  summary of a few things jotted on here ( all first draft),  and also audio waffled since oct 7 

especially sumarising how that whole region is domminated by materialistic mores.

'Jihadists'  do so  love their Mercedes

Even West Bank goody goodies are so bolstered by aid money and attention ( see the film The  Mayor, about Ramallah... far better facilities than most English privincial towns, as earlier noted by me)


but now with a more dots-joined- up  approach...  

including terrible anti semetic tropes... or whatever the latest fashionable nonword  bullshit is for someone who didnt name their only beloved child out of a Zimmerman i did Estelle 

Gaza. 40 year humanitarian says the seemingly unsayable

please note references to be added in. As stated even top world intellectual celebrity Dawkins,  is  just now starting his own independent ' media' operation via substack and his new personal youtube channel. 

' alternative' media is no longer alternative, it is the media.


 No public intellectual in the world ( i monitor most e er since 2020)  is 'worth' responding to 

but even Mr Harris and his new best friend Douglas Murray cannot say ANYthing mature and measured 

No Solomon nowadays...

except me, but my own production values are so wonderfully take 2, two years no electrical socket  meandering around in my little spare battery cappacity   to edit anything or even spell check... nor wish to bother,  as i know this society is sadly so disingenuous no one would get it anyway...

No spare cash for anything else

But THAT is the true key:  right on the edge of hunger, you let go.... and just do it.. 

reference, Harris deffers to Murray 13 december  ( giving an episode to mister ear reporter, Doug )

( Murray's ONLY saving grace at least he alone is realistic about the fact no two state solution will ever now be countenanced... in reality...but he fails in failing to scream " if you care about Palestinian shrappnel-unheaded children stop dreaming two state is now  the way... the only way is accepting the fait accompli.. israelis will never accept it... and have moral authority from 7 Oct.... no matter what pipsqueek Owen Jones may squeek to make himself look good.. and Palestinians will never again sleep well if their bedroom is within 100km of that 'border' be it unlawful - against Balfour/   73  Yomkip lines / Oslo accord...or whatever ...fait accompli is good for PEOPLE.. .even when they have 'lost'.. accepting fait accompli is the best psychological schism of all..... i should know  )

( listen to Harris, since Oct 7,  several talks... free subscription via his site..  frankly he is so devoid of humanism or any sane ism ... like tomorrowism- how to have a nice one...  it is scary..) 

Their ( but they are your childrens media)

pinnup Murray would need to be researched the last 3 years to get context if he is not known to you... he is very very youtube podcast tartish.... 

( personal reference within, i forget words: even a british family destroys my daughter ... ( step) by antagonistic pumped up attitudes NEVER able to be peaceful.... think of  the bigger picture... unable to stop their horrid little fighting mentality.... no one thinks oeace in uk culture ever..)

In short if you love Palestine ( or individual Palestinians- i have on 1  1/2 occasions..) any entreatment to resistence, in ANY way....or even 'justice',  is only prolonging their agonny. Is in fact only guaranteed to cause far more suffering and death to them. No question. 

Europe absorbed 5 or so million Ukrainians... we could absorb the considerably smaller number of Palestinians 


The badged brigade.

As referrred to within.

And one error- i am constitutionally ( mindbody) a bit prejudiced in favour of Yugoslavs ....ehh....

 entirely ....and always will, Be...

( can i have citizenship please)...  in fact the badgeiness wasnt that prevelent in Yugoslavia late 80s as i erroniously imply in audio waffle..... not their fault! loads of "trauma" to work through... but they were the best live-in-the-moment,  on nothing... simple livers i met...  then.


i have my own photos of humble intelligent ordinary  friends in early 80s so attired... 

that was not 'virtue signalling' it was a true movement

to me we were,  still should be, the 'third force'..  modern enlightened new countercultural peace inclined, masses

but  for now, from google images



add in further reference links...soon

to talks discusscions monologues i have bored myself to extinction monitoring the last 2 months at 

among many others


Owen Jones

George galloway

novara media

triggernometry ( the eric weinstein - ONLY intelligent talk heard)

darkhorse podcast

al jazeira

absurd Michael Moore  ( the day the music died, when rather than Tariq Ali and John Pilger,  people started to turn to his lardy gob for infantalised pity politicking)

and more  to list soon

( which is worth doing for the record as scholars of the future need to take note... nothing sane HAS been herd...reference this  most containable war and slaughter ever)