Thursday 14 December 2023

.more than 'simple'


when it 'comes good'

if only she knew

turned into the wind

so that when the door is opened, to everu 20 minutes wander around

The back ( last night candles and a book,at last) so little in it - omly that for tried and tested essential 'needs' 

The atchin tans: all have a different feeling, mindbodily effect...  this one true best nopeople 'energy'

the last one, the love-tension atchin tan,  one....

'works' in a different way...

( was it? i am sure it was...walking by on the love-ension poopoo creek,  but... coincidence? just after i sent up a video from her sidewalk... a dusk waker stretching her legas around the blick...i saw her linger and look back at my office.. before turning back to her fence..... of course the modern woman must always be in over-control, what the mumbo jumbo did to them......)

but someone  cared enough for something to write the great poetry ...once

( fool thought it ends in his early 50s... thats when it just becomes more fun!... the liminal nutjob ...lettin' go i mean... snd trusting the goddesses to have only malfiesance in mind and guide your "fancy pen"... to the swamp or paradise no pne can know)

Righty ho you dont get a perfect fucking-one-over-their-system day yesteraft ....and a night in the silent soft one ...

And not awake ( if only she knew the energy if true fullest simplicity)

and put the unsayable in a dawn waffling

on ...all of it.


But having spent 10 days martyr to a load of thinker ones,and not even a  word back " yes.... i will see if i can do anything qith their superb work"

I shall not be wasting one more of my own 50ps per gigabyte to upload, on even a fifth of a gig...

pure nothing i inhabit now. No needs, no nothing... no " you and i and nature" from Van the man ... because none of them actually wanted that..


so... later... maybe

simple is done ones best, sad for those who couldnt get it even if it was all only for her...

simple is also action. I never much cared for my extensive diary keeping .... 

but the last year.

Every word is protected. 

Because one day... i know best ever mad crusade... and not a moment makes me sad... 

because you know when you chose right ...

The rest simply confirm.