Tuesday 26 December 2023

give everything one year..

 All i know the "Londoners" of Presteigne bloody hell lethal ( unless 14 years ago you had innoculation via the spikey one.... )

2020 one of them,  we ( alone almost) seeing through the hysteria... 

known him loosely 7 or 8 years deep philosophical chats

But him and i 2020... and 1...and 2...

sitting at the cafe outdoors in the small high st

Deep 'philospher' [ fake] bohemian man with pony tale ..many years around, born Canada, raised UK cities. Playing to perfection rural idyll man... until you get to know him " music company" ehhh "land business" es all over the world...

But we chat about simple things... bicycling the lanes in 2020.. and how rather silly most became... around us

He is worth a whole book.. especially as slowly but surely it seems  his name should be 



But maybe a bit more sinister, the charm for the ladies...  with money or land.

Not important to me, any woman fool enough to give anyone the keys to their abode unless they know someone very well ( or his history,  as mine can be if you read between the lines can be verified... and what not seen... no nicking anything ever or ever responding physically in any way...even to serious crimes afainst me) is a fool, its been a big bad world forever

But when he claimed to be a lifelong student of,  and many year personal acquaintance of... a maybe hero of mine, or at least great writer  valued...Richard Bach...

And still a year on when he was blocked getting 5 grand "expenses" he had claimed for helping recycle some possessions from a house needing to be sold in 2020.[ post death of a local, the benefactor of the Will couldnt get over].. he heroically steps in to "help"...my he laid that on over the weeks.. for 5 grand later on decided as the claim ( about 20 hours actual work)

And the lawyers tell him where to go ( i offered to help with legal letters fool me assuming his claim to Be moral.. until i gradually ...it takes months!!! perceived his "truth" ... great actor)

And i saw him so angry and crying at our table  ... the man also subtly boasts of fingers in many Tom Paul Polly Garch of Gwerk-on-creek, type ...pies 

 ( eg "  only ultra ethical  and ecofabulous and perfectly environmentally  gold extraction for the government of Peru.. will pay up soon")

I realised... he may not have read the rather great book

Bridge Across Forever

superb on how you need your helpmeet to do real fighty jobs for the 'community'... ( and a kind of 'zen')

 committedly...over a long time...in Richard and Leslie's case  that book so well described: save a forrest aside their  hideaway community of two,  from  eco vandalism...

changed my life, silly me,  i 35 years had that as blueprint in my stupid head..as vest way to Be.

Funniest of all 


" so what happened to them... i read something they broke up ..very sad that... almost symbolic of our so fucked up age.."

" ohhh they sort of got back together last year in bugtimes..."

i never thought to look it up til now...

More ignorant rubbish.. made up nonsense... 

Its the ignorance, and also no value in ones own words... that have long Be..en the  danger.

Slavenka would have smiled.

ignorance... and we sure have even more than ever.

I know i had a little shibboleth moment earlier as leaving... at last...long expected....

But of course they warp it around into other utter bunkum...


My year ended yesterday.

And a few stories to weave onto something ... a year ago.

Except.... i know one dysfunctional helpmeeting ( " i love that word") even if a bit too much weirdo  2020s for me... and warped people warped by 2000 non existent 'friends'   warps all ... i have empathy for...but is officially over !! so many now say... "flawed model" never worked... platforms will sink cos so little actual advertising revenue

never mind i truly smile at now overt fraud operations in fakebook ads .. i mean as you open it! 

i never click on anything i cannot Be sure of... i clicked on one the other day to purely research '" local friends for you" even if i never put in my location ever..

 sexy pics

so clever seductive... chat initiated ( a bot i bet) 

Total heinous dodgy fraud ...

as AI will make it far more so..forever

( so have your OWN website youtube ..only.... and expect even them to be AI hacked)

a year ago...

is an important story...innocent... genuine attempt...

. i learned from Bach's story, in that book... 

I need distance now... But its still an ok story even if messed up, because i understand exactly every confused contradiction and rather messed up false claim... and i also know when 25% is nevertheless the best there is.

So i put it on the mental shelf.

xmas presie yesterday:

Bloody hell ( i simply never google anyone knowing its a self regard spin op) but just as a treat, it was! to see how a certain person deploying false hedgehoggs.... my my she has aged ... another one too busy doing her image ( and booze in her case) than actually walking the coutryside  around her hlorious  mountain 'retreat' ... falsely makes cash off pretending a mermaid

what a lucky escape!!

And kairos time to start to write more properly on the other, last one... all was illusion for decades, except that initial 25%  ... so all must be weirdo fairy tale or maybe long poem propper rit..this time

only one has that address

Mister 'walk....'

And the chubby funny mongrel can pop off ... this time... he never valued words even being a genius of some of them