Tuesday 26 December 2023



I know when i have been at London-on-poocreek for too long.

the real 'test' 3 weeks ago a long talk about "the job" that needed doing.. some tidying, garden digging for the 'community'.. they agreed

" i dont do melodrama or fake  bohemian people politics..[ been there done that years in last region... knew it was all a city based disaster mentality then].you have a job needs doing ... the job... fixing tidying replace some rotten wood.. maybe some mutual benefit ... shower use of socket"
" yes the job... i know what you mean" he says, she smiles
And not even the manners to answer the follow up text...
but you end up on their fakebook ... showing
 ' community' ...i guess.. 5 km up from poopoo creek

i wouldnt bother putting the identification i am only interested in.... prior coming here
but its hilarious reminder...
just weirdo atomisation.
Not my world,  i know healthier real actual ' community'
takes a Long time to get London out of you...can Be done eventually...
but not here

And myself i only pity London.

Well if one wants to leave behind some good writing or input for a guture generation.

If Londoner Hanif is so full of important ' arrogance' and rather a lot of fizziness that he cannot remember how he met someone quite significant in his life only 13 years ago... 

that said interesting reminder... when you get ild good to have someone to " watch your back" or just scratch it if your arms dont work any more

if i were a writer i would really doubt myself as a "human" but also.... sorry, taking life seriously so that we remember and value every deeper word, is all you should Be...

Otherwise it is all confetti.