Friday 8 December 2023

how dare...


i think i will lose her...

meaning not ' catch' the audio .. from maybe three weeks



cos i got some wheels to burn

all the way

But you will find her many evenings, oftem on the 'art' show... 

pimping some latest gayboy fad... i see the latest one, he 'identifies' himself as 'transmasculin'

And that sort afraid if real men as they never clambered the walls of Cheltn'm Ladies to find the bottom of her drainpipe... 

to shimmy up... the drainpipe to heaven

( unless you have actual heaven yo compare it with... over that channel... where they fint need number give their armpirs smell of 'real woman') 

But how dare she..

you will find her overlord of Hay Festival bookings...

And my my she came to the fore late into 2020 ( whem London had officially higher rates of vd  than in all of history so much for following the rules)

she barked her rules n orders and ... still thinks she was right...

She will be nowadays head of every literary publisher ( babe Daum on the snotterati last week very good, reality.. "woke's a babe thing.. "

But she really licked the soles of the shit eatin rats about her knickers a few weeks back when i heard her postmenopausal 

( they all so brag about nowadsys..  whats the big deal Pru Leith boasted of the randest ever.. 70s..  in hers...)

cheltenham ladied


of a big fat one actually unshagged cos shes so fat not because she

is a


" well his message was a bit problematical when it came to women"

not only does the poor man give over ten times more time to the greatest backing vocalists of all time when most songwriters would limit them to just a few percent, of their glory

big wobbly black ones too

he even gors and marries one and has a babe by her

the man who could have any fey  supersexy Sophy Robinson 

on the planet ( she headed the hunt all dressed up 2010 in her finest Cruella gear*- leaving the Joni costume,  and act..had even me fooled up close and lersonal.....back home, that day.... Withnail would have pissed 'imself had he a photo of that little...incongruity... )

Never mind the most beautiful word pictures creating the greatest sassy babes of all time...


when i meet the her..and all her awful snotterati lot...

time for the wheels to fall off... all the way

or burn

except i am a careful slow i tell them all .. i fear still for her...

so so many child teen drug drivers here... 

every time i hear one speeding

 i hope

 shes ok... out in her little green thing

often alone i guess

except for these

 as she said

" the way you raise your kids here....i  saw straight away.. was frankly a 


and shes  the only really smart 

and concurrently


one i have ever known

* poor man if he had a brain he may have hrimaced when he realised, he paid for the 5 grand huntswoman attire...   

i  didnt i just  stood and sadly stared: " even....her"