Friday 8 December 2023

i hve pure "acetic"

 very little clutter

 but this isn't clutter


time to get them out...

it is to remind me not that i need it...

how in your horrid land, at a so so so Gweek worthypeople farmers market...  equivalent back ( it never was) home... but theyre all the same tjis whole land

the couple running the extinction rebellion stall in a perfect little farmers market of perfect childrens books and perfect green sales operations... she ran all the worthy perfect green people social media....  

in a little hole in Herefordshire... ( those that cant afford Hay end up in)

he got paid to be county environmental spokesman....

bulldozed ... a sanctuary paradise WATERSHIP DOWN way up in the hills... sanctuary for many year lowland terrorised  brocks ( thats badgers, if the Serb noses in)  in July 2020... cubs  alive .. burried alive...and warm and happy in there that extraordinary sunny spring and summer

anyone who trusts any English born ( her to the Harleys,  once removed but  still got their loot) really is a very sad ...fool

but i believe in the word


and only, tomorrow