Sunday 3 December 2023

i don't know what the word is

 it should be "pity"

or maybe it is all a hologram..

The Damn builder

( i regaled  against my father  for 50 years, who invented.. first architect to popularise,  turning fine old  forgotten barns where owls roost and whole ecosystems  exist under the rotting floorboards... into fancypants,   modern-windowed,  bijou  yuppie barns... all of the SW of course has become...)


didnt have oppourtunity my various lifechanging visits early 90s to get out here...

 i so want to have the time one day to wander here...

the ' last pristine' river and pineforest

I shall take my chances with the landmines ...

popped up on my feed a few months ago

Friday evening.

The first

 new day, new era.. for me

Of not being old me

As if on cue... dreadlocks, bangled 

the dtugs still in the redness around his eyes

with such AUTHORITY...

He lives here too

None of my business

Mt business was the river Wye and Arrow, the former the most BBC covered river ever... 

still ruined.


( my daughter tiptoed into it fairly 'pristine' 24  years   ago)

i dont get it why doesnt 


in google

i gotta go into that 'identity' and email the link to this old Ralph ..

Abyway back to him... he ( and his lass) will have boho mates  here .. Helford

But i don't exist here unless the one whom wishes for pine forrests ( i only looked yestereve -  first time since June. I dont play that game.. because it is, a sad one)  wishes me to

Him.. " ok yea i will look for Rachel Carson Silent Spring... its so terrible we destroyed the planet but nature will slways live on...  the microplastic as you say everywhere now... will become part of the new connected oneness..." 

i smiled and told him how wise and evolved-zen he was

and how the sprinkling of 

"  'shrooms"  on every sandwich and cuppa had taken him to a new dimension ...

And i wasnt even smallest bit cynical....

And didnt speak of the shit in his creek...

Maybe they are right.. maybe the pixies love plastic in toy to play with

and walked on