Sunday 3 December 2023


no more need

 twentyyears ago - me the openly active me one email address...i the days when everyone actually READ them, properly.... cleary forsomeyears anyone can only ever scan... 

And still i would keep for a few  - the quiet ones... the soulful

who were above the silly world of names politics and all that 


maybe i shall go back to only that one

(but in 2020 utterly fell to bits, and no one can read " email so so unreliable, now we see... mydaughter.... PLEASE  dont expect one to ever reach the dad,  without also confirming by text or whatsap it has... " and shes a true intellectual.. no hope ever) 

and all the ralphs maybe just free google drive 15gbstorage each one

but i only invite a few -met face to face...  to  Mister Schism -- i never even hashtag never mind roll out 

And this one only face to face as no one to "watch my back" and anyway as s never stated in posh media " so many moved to the fancy architect converted barns and  ( am told boats have 'closed systems' so thats ok i guess - i know nothing about boats, after age 17 i 'crewed' one across The Med in October ad the Saudi-money rich childman boat owner, his maiden voyage...really did nearly kill us so many days in the eye of areal no thanks,must be nuts)

but it is interesting.....

Three months of so so sincere " oh yes such a good idea lets see if me and my friends can take it over.." One she said so twice in front of her child... along with, in front of several youngsters in a gaggle around him/... her hahh hahhh:

 "we so love The hedgehog and will take it in, i will email you tomorrow.." twice... she said so ..

But no email

Its a weird world....nothing to do with me or maybe i should 'change' and adopt the policy words are simply make the user of them look good and make a good photo op


Anyway must stop this... themes - half a dozen still to finish off weaving and i keep them in my head and some get lost...

but its only the really timeless ones now i must get to.... 

The main one being all is relative - several very chilly dawns, GREAT reminder, now we are back to plus 10ish... wow .. what a great decision no matter what