Saturday 30 December 2023

I would never have gone anyway...

 Benjamin Zeph


In 2003, he was offered appointment as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) but publicly rejected the honour, stating that: "I get angry when I hear that word 'empire'; it reminds me of slavery, it reminds of thousands of years of brutality, it reminds me of how my foremothers were raped and my forefathers, brutalised".

.... forgetting that trendy take on it all, the greedy tyrants ( bought 10% of Horrorfordshire last 20 or so years and evicted many year tennants to gentrify) trying to buy off pop stars or great real modern  cultural icons ... any musician or modern artist in the 80s or 90s would stick two fingers up at inhetited massive wealth and absurd infantilising pageantry... by default

Mister Eavis the modern puppet king King... OBE ...sums it all up.

Thank god i never paid him a penny...

And it sums up pastylandshire, i wander often thinking " this is a theme park akin its always ..Glastonbury..."