Saturday 30 December 2023

The 'forces'

 ... though perhaps just a slightly ' active' serendipity.

With a little kairos and kismet folded into a rather good predawn porridge.

..." thirty two". That was such a shock.

The same age as her namesake Katrina... And ten seconds after departing one another..  I...due my lack of care...and filled up with such a hopeful one else... bust my  partly trust old laptop.

Kairos: no more.

Ten years as good as occasional ramblin'

And in goold old George Borrow manner good diaries kept.

And rather a lot of in the 'field' recordings.... spontaneous, quite out of the blue...I think maybe are a real record.

That won't be in the regular history books.

Time soon to get back to them. Because the new stops. Even if it sounds like i have  an ocd ... nope. Life ended 25 December. Not in a melodramatic hysterical way... just i had to Be somewhere... and i was.

All my encounters, many i always tell them why i came here... and that I love only one person, not born here... 

Mind you... as we stood in the wild wind n rain... 

" Ive never been caught out before. ..i always get the weather right... and no  trees to shelter under in this bloody county...!"