Sunday 3 December 2023

If i were a girlie

 Lejla, wow.... 

(she was misnamed too)

Anyway tie up loose ends. 

My father (thankfully went very bankrupt early on... early 90s... drunk  -  insulting a very rich Jewish gentleman   - thought he could arrogantly say public..)..i had nothing to do with, we all knew early on that the yuppie barn conversion thing apart from being disastrous for nature (many developers deliberately poison bats a year or more before they plan to apply for planing permission -any sign bats recently there the scheme  will get blocked inlaw..1000 a at they say if you are caught... they are ever caught)  

And chaged the spirituality of rural places... 

Real spirituality -  not knowing merely in awe spirituality nothing can be know...

july this year

inadequate... i did better when i tried to jot wat it'is'in 2020 that kairos day(Babb the Oxford fellow  to me in 2019.."60years i have tried to write THE great tome on it... all i know is it recreates itself every day.."

High in the mountains of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, artist Emma Stibbon RA explores the idea of the sublime in 19th-century landscape painting and its power to move viewers today.

totaly i inadequate an effort

InPolish The Sublime as a word incorporates 'lofty intent'...'goodness'... inimplied meaning....

I wonder what it is in Serbo Croat 

or Russian or other languages of that region

oops probable insult

All i know is...1990...toabout 93 a bit...

 found the true simplicity - but a kowing mature aceptence of not much to buy or consume

And maybe looking for art in siplicity

the most powerful cultural input upon my lostish soul

The 97 ... around Pooland

 typos can be fun

 she said     

this keyoard is now destructing hhhhhh ahhh hahhh...maybe its due the location

over and out cannot write 

ugoslavia so alive... truly good tension then

ultra raw simple life moreso thanpoor caribbeacounries eve n.... its finishednow keyboarddead