Saturday 16 December 2023

in fact

 even if a true intellectual should not even recognise the word 'jewish', as all such words are only cultural construct and cultural construct is ONLY of the imagination

A non scientific proof of that being a valid statement is that in near 4 years ( having actually done the WORK 17 18 19 to try and prepare to harvest 'think  twice' votes prior decenber 2019 election..)

and knowing Farage did not win... but NO pro EU person for 30km in last region except the badger murderer and  thief  of public money pro environment,  macCurach

even deliveretd leaflets... thereby.. the pro EU...only losing

 " anything but boris" except he too thick to call his allies..(even remember who they were despite dozens of chats over years in runup)  

the  careful reader of this from this spring  may note the ultimate poetical irony there... worst man, only person working( one day  only) on pro EU...december 2019

i did every day for 3 years.

good for me

so yes free from .. tgat waste if 1000s of hours effort up to jan 2020 to meander the 

' intellectuals' 

gradually dominating the new media now the media...

every more 'jewish' personality i trip over lying like a dead sac in the middle of the road with a pretty 'jewish' name... both Weinsteins....rubin... shapiro  and a few others quite jewish... never talk of

 '"psychadelics will be the key to better mental health arent i smart... smart drugs...guzzle drugs to counteract the drugs fucked you..or your mother... in the first place "

all whitey non overtly jewish, its their absurd sad sick foolish new  religion.. Peterson Fuller ..Harris ..  etc..

many others now copycating ( especially here ..too!!!! the men the Tom Pauls  new messiah gurus get aggressive if you suggest maybe not...)

at least she said " ayunesca [or whatever the spelling is for dangerous head poison..

that also 

..more importantly...takes away from gorgeous every day clearheaded creativity and spirituality ..always...constantly..... and real mindbodily matter what evils befall!! my own life for 14 years... since being fucked up the arse love atracked...the gift you get in return...if you DO 'believe' ..not even one pint of anaesthetic real ale needed to..'help'...] .. do it once only as ceremony.." 

yea we grew out of a few cups of  mushroom tea,  age about 18... grow up