Saturday 16 December 2023


 At last

Actually quite entertaining.

Or rather a sane old chap, with the fatherly fatherliness.

drifting off lastnight as he is 


telling pinnup Freddy

" your vision of the conflict is a fantasy from a fairytale book... there is only one state and its in a terrible state... no different to Yugoslavia .... one internal bullyboy faction against another "

It would have been nice to hear him explain also how terrible Freddy uneducates us,

 in toto.

And so so makes it about....him

Just as Dawkins the pretty ex public schoolboy

ruined thinking, with his switches

( so of exactly the same time as Maggie)

whereas Stephen Jay Gould

not pretty ,  not slick speaker

rather bumbly speaker i once saw...

was right 

" its all a bit more complex than just genes... there is in fact unknowable ...magic.. and many as yet unknowable  forces upon success for a species, or the species mindbodies... and evolution..all Being is very complex..  one man can understand "