Wednesday 20 December 2023


 being a man

who LIKES... the mouthy babes

scary moment 2021

near 9 months her my ally... 

fantastic great chats winter 20/21 as we illicitly walked the hills as safety walkers, the illicitly riding girls belting off happy

( godzilla husband armed with very bjg tractors and they all knew i cycled the lanes )

" how dare you... you have BE.. een with my 9 months as i alone arranged rescue for tjis sad list old thing....  i created a community at her formerly ghost story of a sick residence....  and you quote some rubbish about me off your aeful nosey ignorant gosdip alone farmers wife.. down to earth, salt of it... [ pictured in illicitgirls] i thought would  have the srnse to know crap is written...  never mind actually know me... curating all thrse truly viscious older babes...peacefully... how dare you ... and you damage our important relationship with the old lost nagbag saying anything like that in her earshot... take it back"


death by tractor

a miracle

next day by email

" i am...sorry..."

 however the joke is on me expecting any english oerson to know as the fine continentals do in their literature

confluct ir even missunderstanding is to help... deelen our relations and trust....  work through the swamps and in time have better  fully tested solidarity... 

which creates real lasting friendship.... 

nope bimbos ( non sexist as iriginally coined for make dandies... all males i see here are with special clothing .. special kit special vans special surfkit... just townies needing to project something special... when special is only in your stoicism the fae of nature whatever she may throw our way.... none have as we saw in gorgeously) one and all