Wednesday 20 December 2023

" i have never watched a horror film either"

 wow mind still ok

i have a conscience

yesteraft cliff walk

hating awful writer Daphne DuMaurier i woulnt read her dumbing dummingdown  horrorlite if it was over the cliff or her.. 

( sartre and de beauvoir must keep plodding away sort of writing real world tightrope least you  are being useful maybe to real society but it may take decades  )

"  did i get that wrong... Du Msurier was it her who wrote my undread copy if The Parasites  ... maybe my mind fails me...i care i wish i had more time to write but then all the time easted even on the childrens book... no ferkin hope"

turns out  mind memory working just great

even if wasted

so Be it...

And i wiukdnt follow it up with The Sybarites... set where she wrote. No point... anyway they are SO boring least we had sybarite inconers in last region who may just possibly have had a confused soul... confusion equals hope.... hope they may just u confuse it by having a real lopk at it.. they may chuck away their dull redictable venal self obsessed with only self advantage  soullessness...that pollutes all this penninsula ..i already knew so its so dull


like their 'art'

 just a shame they polluted her too....